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Welcome to Flea Market Online (FMO), An Online Flea Market where you Get Unlimited Listings for One Whole Year for Only $4.95 with no Sales Fees Ever!

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$4.95 for a One Year Web Store Subscription at this time.

Make sure that you use a correct email for contact as customers may want to contact you to ask you a question about your listing.

We will not share your email or personal information with anyone, but reserve the right to contact you anytime.

This Website is not involved in any Transactions, and all deals are solely between the buyer and seller.

We will not be held resposible for any reason!

Our Listing Rules here are simple, please abide by them, as we will just delete anything without notice that is not properly posted.

1: No Spamming Please! only one listing per item.

2: All listings Must be placed in the proper catagorys.

3: Only legal lawful items are allowed to be sold here at FMO

4: No Adult Audiences products are allowed.. to keep this a safe friendly place for everyone.

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