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Welcome to Flea Market Online (FMO), An Online Flea Market where you Get Unlimited Listings for One Whole Year for Only $4.95 with no Sales Fees Ever!

How to Publish your Ad Listings

Follow these Steps;

1- Click Sign-Up or Sign in if you already have an account. (Found at the Right Top of the Website)

2- Register for a One Year Subscription for Only $4.95 Dollars.

3- Once your Payment has been Completed at Paypal, it will return you to the New Account Form.

4- Fill Out the Form choosing your Store Name, and correct Contact Information, then Click Sign Up to Submit your Form to us.

5- You will then see this message at the Top of the Screen "Your account has been created successfully, ..."

6- Now, click your Store Name (found at the right top side of the page),
- Or, you can click directly in My Account (found at the top of the page).
- At the Screen find and click this link: Click this Link to ADD MORE LISTINGS , Or Click directly Add More Listings at the top of the page.
- After you click the Link above, in the Screen you see the Add Listing, On that Form you can Post your New Listing.
- If you wish to Add More Listings, Click the above link again.

Very Easy and Simple. SUBSCRIBE NOW!

Reminder: Only Email and Store Name we see in your Account, and we do not know your Password, If you Forget your Password just use the lost password option.

Here is how:

- Click Sign In & Enter your Email (Make it sure that it is the same Email that you used when Making your Account) Then, Scroll Down and click Forgot Password?

- Your New Password will Sent to your Email.

If you have any problems or questions, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us. We will be happy to help you.


Flea Market Online (FMO)