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Welcome to Flea Market Online (FMO), An Online Flea Market where you Get Unlimited Listings for One Whole Year for Only $4.95 with no Sales Fees Ever!

Free Listings For Life Offer!

Please take a few moments to get acquainted with you and describe our services.

We are offering all new sellers a FREE listings for LIFE Offer!


Our Online Flea market Does NOT and will NOT ever charge listing fees or seller fees like an online auction does.

Our approach in the future will be to charge a fair priced flat monthly fee for your seller space (store) based on how much space you need to showcase the items you offer for sale. (Just like your hometown flea market does)

At this time all our services are included with the basic $4.95 yearly subscription and no extra charges with the exception of Premium listing upgrades, but only if you choose to use it.

Free listings for life offer

List a minimum of 100 "different" items (two listings of the same item do not count as 2) that fall within the allowed listings rules of the site and email us to let us to verify and we will add you to the FREE sellers for life group.


"Join our sellers team"

First to attract lots of buyers we need sellers with many of items, and for the buyers to enjoy their online shopping experience and want to come visit us again we need a large variety of items, simple enough right?

Here is what we are offering the first 500 sellers who list 100 items minimum with us, A FREE web store and FREE listings for life!

That's right, not just for awhile, I mean for life! you will never pay for your web store here or any listing or sellers fees ever!

Once we have 500 sellers selling 100 or more items we will have over 50,000 items for our staff to go to work with at gaining high search ratings on the major search engines like Google and Yahoo,

The only thing that will ever be charged to you original 500 sellers will be listing upgrades and only if you choose to use them.

Wouldn't it have been nice to have got this deal with eBay when they first started?

Many items you sell will not sell enough or have enough profit to be worth your time with the high fees they charge over at eBay, here it won't cost you anything for listing fees, so it's a great place to keep items you have a large stock of listed or slower selling items.

Its a win win deal, We need you for items and you need us as help in developing a new stream of income selling your items, if you have a website already we can help bring you more traffic and sales, if you are already an online auction seller our site will offer you a new stream of income and more traffic to help you make you more sales also, and for very little cost.

Lets say you sell on eBay or Yahoo auctions at this time, all you will have to do is set up your online store here with us, and copy paste the listings work you already have done, we don't have short listing times like an auction does, so none of the weekly ad postings and fees, we make it fast, simple, and less time consuming for you.

Our site is a fixed price site, and all listing items are BUY NOW, you also have the option to entertain offers if you choose, making it more like the real flea markets where some buyers like to haggle a little, it will be up to you if you if you choose to use this option, and its up to you to accept, counter offer or turn down any offers you will get.

Here also you will be allowed links to your website in your listings, and company phone numbers if you choose where as this is not allowed at ebay. (They want to make sure they get their sellers fees)

Payment options If you have a Paypal account you can accept credit cards and set your sales up so payment is required at the time the buyers click a "Buy Now" button that you can create at Paypal, and you can also choose to accept mail in payments by check or money order if you prefer.


Every seller is verified by credit card through Paypal that they are in fact a real person over the age of 18, and their IP address is logged here for security also which can be provided to law enforcement in the case of any fraudulent sellers.

We want to keep this site fraud free and it's reputation is critical to all of our success.


Thanks! Tim